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Get ready for your AP exam with this straightforward and easy-to-follow study guide, updated for all the latest exam changes! 5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics C features an effective, 5-step plan to guide your preparation program and help you build the skills, knowledge, and test-taking confidence you need to succeed.

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AP Physics [poly] Intro to Computer Science [poly] AP Computer Science [poly] Advanced Topics in Comp Sci [poly] Learn AP Physics; Learn Conceptual Physics

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AP Physics C APPhysicsCsyllabus.docx 1 December 22, 2016 Location of Class: 203 Catalog Description: AP Physics C is designed for students interested in studying physics, engineering, and/or mathematics in college. Topics include kinematics; Newton’s laws of motion; work, energy, and power; systems of The two AP Physics C exams are taken back to back in May. Physics C: Mechanics includes the following content areas: Kinematics Newton’s laws of motion work, energy and power systems of particles and linear momentum circular motion and rotation oscillations gravitation Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism includes the following content areas: Cracking the AP Physics C Exam, 2010 Editionincludes proven strategies for success on the AP Physics C test. This book, from test prep experts at The Princeton Review, includes everything you need to score high on your AP exam: •2 full-length AP Physics C practice tests with detailed explanations •Thorough review of top Physics C topics, including Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism ...

AP Physics C Free-Response Index M1 M2 M3 E1 E2 E3 2011 Gauss’ Law c and shells Impulse-momentum Freefall ride. Torsional pendulum –spheres RC –LC circuits Ampere’s Law 2010 c Coffee filter lab Rotation Mechanics Field and Potential RC circuit EM induction 2009 Potential energy c function and graphs Physical pendulum from hell B. Motion in two dimensions 1. Projectiles!2. Circular motion Unit 3: Newton’s Laws of Motion (2 1⁄2 weeks) Giancoli: Ch 4 & 8 A. Static equilibrium (1st Law) 1. First condition – translational equilibrium 2. Second condition – rotational equilibrium (torque) B. Dynamics of a single particle (2nd Law) C. Systems of two or more bodies (3rd 3 sample free-response questions found starting on pg. 45 of the AP Physics Course Description. There are 3 free-response questions on the exam that count as 50% of the test grade. Each will have multiple parts and the parts are not necessarily weighted equally. You should complete the 3 free response questions in 45 minutes.

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